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Let kidsRC-battle their TITANSout all-day with thisArmoredBot RC Dueling Titans War!

These high-tech remote-controlled robot boxersmimic your hand motions to perform jabs and hooks against an opponent’s robot.

Infrared Motion Sensing Technology

Take charge of the cutting-edge robotics through the power of infrared tech.

Each robot comes paired with remote control for the ultimate in wireless play.

These robots useadvanced 2.4G remote control technologytosupport multi player fights at the same game.

Power Fists & Combo Punch

Control your robots fists to get in the perfect 1-2 punch & win the battle!Right hook, left jab, combo punchtry whatever it takes to knock down your rival!

It is definitely aperfect and delightful addition to your child’s collection of toys.

Exciting Duel Match

This awesome fighting gameputs two robot combatants against each other on the battlefield.After five strikes, theopponent robot goes into temporary shutdown mode.

This robot has been madestrong and durablefor young kids to play with on any flat surface.

Cool Lighting & Action Sounds!

The robothas a series of sound and voice effectwhich attracts the kids attention.

Sound design iscoordinated with led flashing lights,giving you the feel of a real playtime companion.

Battle against your opponent to beat him in hand-to-hand combat! Get theseArmoredBot RC Dueling Titans WarNOW!


Material: ABS

Size: 6.5 x 7 x 9.5 cm

Colors Available: Black / White

Suitable Age: 3 y/o and above

Package Inclusion/s:Choose Your Bundle

Buy 1 Titan Only– Get 1pc ArmoredBot RC Dueling Titan

Buy Set of 2 Titans Get 2pcs. RC Titans

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