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Be a cowboy! 

Shoot rubber band with this Mini Rubber Band Gun!🤠


REALISTIC DESIGN – This rubber band gun is modeled from a real gun. A unique rubber slingshot that is easy to carry around!

PULL & SHOOT – No more pulling rubber bands! Instead, simply pull the trigger to shoot a rubber band. It can hold up to 6 rubber bands for stunning rapid-fire actions. 

CLACKING SOUND – The gear inside the gun produces a realistic clacking sound every time you shoot.

LIGHTWEIGHT & FOLDABLE – Take it with you anywhere! Attach this mini gun to your keys, bags, and even use it as your keychain.


1*Mini Rubber Band Gun+100*Rubber Band


Size: 70 x 42 x 18mm (folded) / 90 x 83 x 18mm (unfolded)

Weight: 70g

Material: Alloy


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