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As a gift for your loved ones, thisĀ limited stockĀ Multifunctional Folding Keychain will be the perfect!


One Piece:Ā Our pocket toothpick is one piece, no need to splice or assemble, just open and fold, simple and convenient, a beautiful appearance.

Premium Material:Ā Metal toothpicks are made of high quality food grade stainless steel for excellent durability and corrosion resistance. It’s non-toxic and smooth polished.

Lightweight & Convenient:Ā With a keychain ring, you can take it anywhere, the sign is perfect for camping, hiking, picnic, biking, traveling, etc…

Reusable:Ā Compared with wooden toothpicks, stainless steel is reusable and saves resources; Rinse with water after use. It can serve you for a long time.

Multi-Purpose Tool:Ā Our portable toothpick can be used as a toothpick for cleaning debris between teeth, picking fruit, opening phone slots, cleaning computer keyboards and opening bottle caps, no need to hunt around for a beer opener.


Material: Stainless Steel

Uses: pick teeth, eat fruit, self-defense


1/3/5 x Multifunctional Folding Keychain

šŸŽšŸ’Ā Don’t forget to get some for your family and friends as it’s an unique gift idea.

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