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Simple creative idea to solveย aย painful problem!

One Time Only Solutionย No need to replace any parts, dispose of anything, or ever buy another. This was built toย last forever.

No Pesky Pet Hairsย ย For anyone who owns a pet, the name is a no-brainer. We understand how aggravating and difficult it may be to get pet hair out of your cloth. Lint Remover is a tiny, rapid, and easy-to-use lint remover that will get all the hairs that your Vacuum missed! The Lint Remover is ideal for usage throughout the house.ย You’ll be surprised how much hair your vacuum missed.

Restore Your Clothes And Furnitureย –ย Use the Lint Remover to restore your weary, worn-out clothes, carpets, and furniture to their original condition. The Lint Remover removes hair, fuzz, fluff, and more in seconds.

How does it Work? โ€“ย All you have to do is set the item to be cleaned on a level surface and drag the Lint Remover across it.ย It’s as simple as that!ย Copper teeth on the Lint Remover are specifically designed to remove any superfluous material from your clothes.


Material:ย Wooden handle, copper and plastic roller

Size:ย 17 x 14 cm

Package Includes :ย 

1xย ย Handy Lint Remover


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