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Tummy And Hip Lift Pants is the dream shaper for those who want to shape their body and feel empowered on a daily basis.
Simple and fast effects
Fulfill your dreams of having the perfect body and wearing the best clothes thanks to Up Shaper and its easy, quick results in just seconds
Be ready to strut your stuff in this confidence-boosting shapewear firm-control thigh slimmer. A wide two-ply tummy panel provides shaping. Targeted zones shape the waist and thighs for all-day, everyday comfort.
360º effect

No more having the fat on your back jumping out. Our unique fit offers 360º compression, perfectly shaping the belly, back, culottes, butt and thighs!


What shapewear does is gather excess, smooth out curves and give the body a tighter look, which will help in the right places.

lift your butt

Up Shaper tones and lifts your butt with anatomical shaping. That butt you’ve always dreamed of having is now possible without having to spend hours at the gym.

Relieves back pain

With 6 strategically positioned pressure points, the Lift Pants offers support in the lumbar and abdominal region ensuring an immediate improvement in your posture and relief from back pain. Ideal to be used daily  during your activities at home or at work.

Become more confident and empowered

Wear the Lift Pants and in a matter of seconds you will become a more elegant and confident woman. Lift Pants will transform you into a more empowered woman by drawing the attention of those around you.

Soft cotton lining

Absolute comfort! Made with a layer of soft cotton, the strap doesn’t hurt your skin, allowing you to wear it all day without discomfort.

Does not leave marks on clothes

Tummy And Hip Lift Pants is like a second skin, Up Shaper is designed to leave no marks on your clothes, no one will notice that you are using Lift Pants.

Material application

Developed with polyamide and elastane fabrics, the Tummy And Hip Lift Pants has an anthropomorphic shape that allows your look to be completely harmonious and natural.




Product size:XS-6XL

Product weight:130G

Package includes:

1* Tummy And Hip Lift Pants

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