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Bad dental hygiene can be devastating on teeth and gums.

 Not only can it be expensive, but it can also lead to bad breath, gum disease, receding gums, dental decay, and even tooth loss. 

Plaque and tartar? Don’t worry! For less than a single dental visit, our Advanced Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner home solution makes clean and white teeth achievable whilst keeping teeth safe!

Perfect for people with veneers and braces. Amazing to use alongside our activated whitening charcoal. 

Approved by many dental practitioners, using ultrasonic vibrations, it removes and keeps away dental bacteria, plaque, calculus, stains, and removes hard tartar from the teeth preventing dental complications. 

As of 2020, we’ve helped over 200,000 of our customers and we will continue to strive for better dental care. 


Below are amazing customer reviews, submissions, and product information.

Chloe B, AUS.
Our product removed Chloe’s staining from her teeth, caused by smoking, coffee, and fizzy drinks, leaving them brighter and cleaner.

Katie D, UK.
Katie used our product regularly and it eventually removed hard tartar from behind the teeth. She can now feel her teeth again!

Rob S, USA.
Removed staining and hard tartar from the front of the teeth, leaving a cleaner-facing look. 


New ultrasonic technology: Ultrasonic technology, 12000 times per minute with 5 different speeds, effectively breaking down the stubborn plaque, tartar and calculusreducing the damage to teeth, enamel and gum.
Our product does not use water but can be applied when using.

Safe for use: Automatic outage after it is fully charged, ensuring safety whilst being ECO-friendly.

Most premium materials: Highest-grade silicone and a stainless steel head which is 100% safe to use on your teeth, very similar to a hygiene visit.
IPX7 level waterproof security system and rechargeable, ensuring security and convenience.

USB rechargeable: Safe and fast charging way by USB. Charging once can be used about 200 times, travel without worrying about power loss.

Portable design: Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner is dental care, used at the convenience of your own home, removing the attachment on teeth in time.
A low-cost solution in comparison to the dentist and ideal to keep it handy in the bathroom or to take with you when you travel.


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